Cover Crops

Should you leave your field fallow?  Mulch?  Plant a cover crop? With the posts below, I’d like to help you sort out when to mulch, which cover crop to use, where to find cover crop seed, and how to time the planting in Alaska’s short season. You’ll love the multiple benefits.

Helpful Information About Cover Crops

When To Start Seeds

Author Ellen Vande Visse Seeds — When to Start Them Ellie’s Easy-Read Version for starting seeds indoors Add your own to this handy calendar! Plant-out date is usually around the last week of May and first week of June. But keenly observe your local situation! Example: Count back from June 1 plant-out and sow squash seeds between May 1 and May 7. 10-12 weeks ahead of plant-out date 8-10 weeks ahead of plant-out date 6-8 weeks ahead of plant-out date 3-4 weeks ahead of plant-out date Celery Basil Beets Dill Celeriac Peppers Cabbage Melon Leeks Romaine lettuce Brussels Sprouts Parsnip Lobelia Snapdragon Cauliflower Squashes –winter & summer kinds Onions Tomato Broccoli Cucumbers Parsley space Collard Sunflower space space Fennel Sweet …

Grow a Cover Crop

Author Ellen Vande Visse Grow a Cover Crop Green Manure A Blend of Seed Now Available for Alaska Soils You’ve heard me preach—build your soil fertility with cover crops. Renew your worn-out soil after last year’s growing season. This is the heart of organic growing. But there are always the questions… which cover crop for Alaska? when do I plant it? will it become invasive? shipping expenses? You see, I recommend a cocktail of cover crops, not just a single one like rye grass. I asked AK Mill & Feed about carrying a cocktail. The answer—YES! So, I provided the formula, and AK Mill has blended and packaged it. Hurrah! It’s available now. …Announcing… Alaska Soil Booster A Green Manure/Cover …