Harvest Season Party of Abundance

Author Ellen Vande Visse

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Harvest Season — A Huge Party of Abundance

My Treasured Fellow Plant People,

As I meander to my cabin and computer to say hello to you today,
I brush through stands of cow parsnips. Surprise! I see faded, tan-colored seed heads instead of green. Cow parsnip’s leaves are browning too. On the pipe- like stems, the green color has receded to the bottom half. On the fireweed next to them, I find no green—only white and red. Nearby, nettles that have looked so lush now display a subdued gray-green. Cottonwoods over my head are withdrawing their vibrancy from their leaves and sending it down, down into wood and root.

While I wasn’t looking, all the Green Beings surrounding me have been pulling their life force down, down, into the soil beneath me. Every vegetative form is steadily and purposefully marching into the next cycle. Never hesitating or doubting, they are drawing in and consolidating their plant energies into the ground beneath me.

That means I am perching atop one mighty sub-soil repository, a safe subsurface storage tank of plant energy. This reservoir must sprawl over the Northern hemisphere. I am walking over this mammoth Earth Battery that is filling and charging, decomposing and recomposing. I feel a hush as the land is gently getting ready for bed. The sun’s arc now bows in respect for the Earth’s time of rest. Quietly these energies will compress, then build new tides to rumble forth next spring.

Right now, the Green Beings are throwing us a huge going-away party! What a bounteous celebration they leave with us as they move downward. They freely offer abundant gifts—seeds, ripe squash, mature broccoli heads, and umpteen berries. I pluck a juicy rose hip from a Christmas bush dripping with red baubles.

We are gathering in and storing the given wealth, and the land is gathering in and storing its energies. Our green friends cycle into their roots. We cycle inward too. We breathe and reflect. Then we emerge, ready to create the next big show, partnering with generous plants.

I smile to think of us all…picking, preserving, and savoring this grand finale. Our grateful and satisfying harvest unites us all in the rhythms of Mother Earth.

What else unites us?

  • Deepening our relationship with plants, wild and cultivated.
  • Our appreciation.
  • Our choice to cooperate with life forces rather than fight with them.
  • Our willingness to grow plants in partnership with nature’s wise ways.
  • To eat in celebration of wholeness.
  • In that spirit, I salute you, your summer of communing with your green world, and your harvests. I am so grateful that you have shared parts of your world of plants with me. I thank you for that. Now I’m off to snack on the last snow peas and nibble on nettle tips.

    Harvest thanks and blessings to each of you!
    –Ellen V. V. 07 September 2010