I get so excited about both these booklets, and HIGHLY recommend that you order, download, and print them for constant reference.

This material was produced in Australia and the focus is on fruit trees, so just keep this in mind.  All the eco-agriculture principles woven into the manual are its strength.  I’m learning and applying these ideas at home! –Ellen VandeVisse

Learn to Love Your Weeds

Harness the positive power of weeds in your soil.   Many plants we think of as weeds are also herbs, and contrary to popular belief, are often doing more good than harm.

Save time and money and improve the health of your soil by embracing the positive power of weeds, instead of constantly fighting a losing battle against them.


$19 Australian Dollars; About $14 USD

Guide to Edible Flowering Plants

Growing a mixture of flowers under your fruit trees, in your vegetable patch or in fact anywhere in your garden can help you have healthy soil, healthy trees, happy bees—and even a healthy gut, particularly if you include edible flowers in the mix.

This guide includes more than 100 edible flowering plants that grow well with fruit trees; most (but not all) are suitable as understory plants that enhance trees and fruit trees.


$15 Australian dollars