Plant a Recovery Garden

Author Ellen Vande Visse

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Return on Investment

Plant a Recovery Garden

Dear Eco-Gardeners,

Maybe money does grow on trees—and in the berry & vegetable patch. I cannot help but share this delightful & inspiring editorial. It’s from the cover of Peaceful Valley Farm Supply (PVFS) catalog.

Recession blues? Investments under-performing? Revising your household budget? Consider investing in a garden! Once in place a garden can produce thousands of dollars worth of fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts, for just a few hundred dollars investment each year. Now if you ask me, that’s what a return on your investment should look like. Even Google stocks can’t provide 1000% return… (can they?). What about the security of your investment, you ask?

Well there are risks associated with all investments. Deer could come looking for a snack, aphids might too. You might have an unexpected freeze or you might forget to water. But for the most part, home gardens rarely fail to produce some produce, and returns never tasted so good!

Apparently lots of Americans are digging into gardening to fight the fiscal flop. We’ve seen a dramatic rise in new customers in the last year or so. So next time you read about our failing financial system, or how the stock market is going to crash… remember that’s the stock market, not the farmers’ market. Credit is not on the list of “Things Needed To Live” (it feels like it sometimes, I know)… but you don’t fill a bomb shelter with credit, or money… you fill it with canned fruits and vegetables. I am positive that economists and Wall Street strategists across the nation would roll their eyes at me if they heard me tell you to take your money (at least $100 of it) out of stocks and invest it in a garden. But I’m okay with that, I’ve been rolling my eyes about them a little lately.


We at PVFS would like to help you invest in the future by planting a Recovery Garden. We’re offering a start-up package with everything you need to start a garden for $100… we also have a $50 version. We’ll provide the seed, tools, and equipment to help you get a great return on your investment.

Certainly all of us can invest in a healthier body, community, and planet by
building healthy soil and growing organically. Thanks and keep up your great work.

— an open letter from Peaceful Valley Farm Supply’s 2009 Catalog by Lee Dickerson, General Manager, Grass Valley, CA Reprinted with permission.