Red Wiggler Worms and Composting

Author Ellen Vande Visse

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Red Wiggler Worms and Composting

Yes, I sell Red Wiggler worms!

Compost indoors without odor.

Let worms eat your garbage.

Transform your food waste into rich worm castings. It’s called Vermiculture.
Take Ellen’s free class through Mat-Su Borough’s Solid Waste Division, offered in spring and fall.
Buy worms in the store: $20/stuffed quart (I don’t weigh or count, I stuff. It’s approximately 1,000 worms.)

    • One stuffed quart is enough to get your worm bin going.
    • Two stuffed quarts of colonizers will hurry the process of devouring your food waste.
    • Get your bin & bedding all ready, then call to arrange pick up or shipping.

What about a bin?

  • Make your own, or buy a bin with stacking trays.


What can I feed them?

Kitchen waste and vegetable trimmings such as: lettuce, potato peels, leftovers, tea bags, coffee grounds, apple cores, carrot tops, grains, bread in tiny pieces, citrus rinds, onion skins, egg shells no need to dry them, meat, fish, oils in very small amounts. Add a layer of moistened newspaper with each feeding.

Freeze the food waste for 3 days at 100F & then thaw & feed to your worms. This helps kill unseen fly eggs that might be hitchhiking.


Meat, bones, fats & oil in large quantities, spices, floral shop bouquets unless specifically organically grown, pet feces, anything poisonous, hazardous, or non-compostable, plastic stickers on vegetables & fruits, windows in business envelopes, coffee filters that have a polyester component, grass, leaves, etc. from outdoors to avoid importing slugs.