Rules to Grow By

Author Ellen Vande Visse

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Rules to Grow By

for soil, vegetable, livestock, & human health –Malcolm Beck

1. Use the best adapted varieties for each environment

2. Plant in optimal season

3. Balance the mineral content of the soil

4. Build and maintain the soil organic content—humus

5. Do nothing to harm the beneficial soil life

6. Consider troublesome insects & diseases as symptoms of one of the above rules having been violated.

Because of rules 4 & 6 being ignored or not understood, the pesticide industry (“toxic rescue chemistry”) sells about 2 billion pounds of product annually.

This is wisdom from Malcolm Beck, an exemplary farmer.
Beck is the producer of Garden Ville compost & soil blends.
He is also author of Secret Life of Compost, and Lessons in Nature: 50 Years of Organic Advice from the Southwest’s Foremost Composter, Gardener & Farmer. (2 of Ellen’s favorite books)

–this is an excerpt from The Secret Life of Compost, which you can purchase HERE