Seed Potato Sources 2020

Author Ellen Vande Visse

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Seed Potato Sources 2020

The worst thing you can do to all of us … is to plant the potatoes that you bought at the grocery store. You threaten us all with spreading Late Blight—the same disease that caused the famine in Ireland.

To avoid a potato with the late blight, purchase your seed potatoes from a reliable source that have been inspected and certified clean.

For further information you may contact the Palmer office of the State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Division of Agriculture at 745-7200.

Listed below are the approved greenhouses for the Mat-Su and Anchorage area:
Note: this list is old but somewhat helpful so I pass it along:

Alaska Mill & Feed, Anchorage, ‭(907)276-6016‭

Little Susitna Farm, 8470 Russet Rd., Palmer 746-5496 (Mike Troutman)

Dearborn Farm, 980 S Trunk Rd., Palmer 745-3501

Art Peterson, HC 89, Willow 733-2372

Greg Kalal, 8621 Witherspoon Cir, Anchorage 339-1966

Pyrah’s Pioneer Peak Farm, PO Box 960, Palmer 745-4511

Bold Raven Farm, PO Box 1183, Willow 495-5462

VanderWeele Farms, LLC PO Box 461, Palmer 745-3597

Also try Jeff Smeenk, Palmer Soil & Water Conservation District, ‭907-357-1440‭