Seed Potatoes 2021

Author Ellen Vande Visse

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Seed Potatoes

2021 GK ‘Raising It Up’ Farm

Good Earth Garden School All Red 600×350

All Red
Large round tuber with smooth cranberry red skin and light rose flesh even when cooked. The fine moist texture is ideal for boiling or sautéing.

Good Earth Garden School Bushes Peanut 600×350
Bushes Peanut
Crescent shaped, skin thin and lightly russeted. Yellow flesh. Firm when cooked. Traditional favorite as a French fry at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer.
Good Earth Garden School Cal White 600×350
Cal White
Large oblong potatoes with white flesh. Good for baking or frying. Moist texture. High yield.
Good Earth Garden School Caribe 600×350
Dappled violet skin with snow white flesh. Good all-purpose potato for baking, mashing, or frying. Excellent keeper. Superb yield and good storage.
Good Earth Garden School Chieftan 600×350
Smooth, medium red skin with white flesh. Oblong to round with medium to shallow eyes. Medium maturity. Good storage.
Good Earth Garden School Fiesta 29 6 600×350
Fiesta, 29-6
Alaska bred new variety. Dark red skin and white flesh with red swirl inside. Small to medium in size.
Good Earth Garden School French Fingerling 600×350
French Fingerling
Rosy-pink with creamy yellow flesh. Gourmet quality skin, shallow eyes. Narrow, oblong shape. Medium yield. Delicious baked, boiled or steamed. Great in potato salad.
Good Earth Garden School German Butterball 600×350
German Butterball
All –purpose yellow skin and buttery yellow flesh. Excellent for mashing and long-term storage.
Good Earth Garden School Haida 600×350
A very small fingerling with a yellowish skin and a lumpy shape. Not for mashing or frying but good for soup and roasted. Alaska heirloom from the Tlingit and will be planted in the centennial garden at Alaska Botanical Gardens.
*Limited quantities*
Good Earth Garden School Huckleberry 600×350
Huckleberry red colored flesh and skin. Smooth skin, oval shape, low in starch. Boil, steam, roast, fry, and mash. Heirloom cultivar.
Good Earth Garden School King Edward 600×350
King Edward
Oval to oblong in shape. Skin white with deep pink blotches. Great flavor and a floury texture. All- purpose potato, ideal for microwaving. Makes yummy chips and great gnocchi. Good for container gardening. Heirloom variety.
Good Earth Garden School Magic Molly 600×350
Magic Molly
Alaskan bred, dark purple inside and out. Voted most appealing appearance at the 2013 Potato Lovers Bash sponsored by UAF Cooperative Extension Service in Anchorage. Tastes great baked or boiled. Moist texture. High levels of antioxidants.
Good Earth Garden School Magic Myrna 600×350
Magic Myrna
New, Alaskan bred variety. Golden flesh with deep pink skin and yellow eyes. Very sweet with unique flavor reminiscent of sweet potato. Long, slightly lumpy shape. Medium size. Not good for long term storage.
Good Earth Garden School Mainestay 600×350
High yielding round tuber with white skin and flesh. Medium sized with shallow eyes. All- purpose use. Compact foliage.
Good Earth Garden School Nordonna 600×350
Red skin with white/creamy flesh. Good for boiling and baking. Stores well and keeps its color. High yield of medium to small potatoes.
Good Earth Garden School Dark Red Norland 600×350
Dark Red Norland
Deep red skin and white flesh. Smooth skin with shallow eyes. Good yield of medium to large tubers. Bake, boil or fry. Skin color fades in storage.
Good Earth Garden School Purple Viking 600×350
Purple Viking
Dappled, purple skin, white flesh. Unique taste and creamy texture. Spreading, drought resistant plant. Space close together to control tuber size. Flowers white, large, numerous. Bakes and mashes perfectly. Fluffy texture. Great for potato salad.
Good Earth Garden School Red Pontiac 600×350
Red Pontiac
Red skin with white flesh, slightly flat. Low starch and high moisture. Exceptional for boiling, Skin is very tender at harvest good red coloring
Good Earth Garden School Russet Norkotah 600×350
Russet Norkotah
Early to medium maturity, long to oblong white flesh and medium to heavy russeting on skin, numerous shallow eyes. For baking and boiling. Medium storage.
Good Earth Garden School Russian Banana 600×350
Russian Banana
Yellow skinned fingerling with yellow flesh. Small to medium size. Ideal for potato salad because of waxy texture. High yield.
Good Earth Garden School Satina 600×350
Smooth yellow skin and yellow flesh with buttery flavor. Uniform in size. High yield and stores well. Great for mashing. High resistance to common scab.
Good Earth Garden School Shepody 600×350
Bred in Canada for french-fry processing. White tubers can grow impressively large. Wonderful as a baked potato.
Good Earth Garden School Superior 600×350
Round to oblong with medium to deep eyes. Flaky White skin and flesh. High yield. Good for boiling and chips. Moderately dry while baked. Resistant to scab. Good keeper.
Good Earth Garden School White Rural New Yorker 600×350
White Rural New Yorker
Heirloom variety. Round shape with white skin and flesh. Flowers profusely, beautiful in the field. General all- purpose use.
Good Earth Garden School Yellow Fin 600×350
Yellow Finn
Flat round to pear shape with sweet buttery flavor. Excellent keeper. Good mashed in gratins and for salads.
Good Earth Garden School Yukon Gold 600×350
Yukon Gold
Yellow skin with yellow flesh. Good, all-purpose potato; bake boil or fry. Excellent keeper.

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