Spring Soil Preparation

Author Ellen Vande Visse

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Tips for Spring Soil Preparation in South Central Alaska

Wisdom from Bob Greig*, Founder of Alaska Sea-Ag

LIME: Use high-calcium lime, rather than dolomite lime (unless your soil test recommends otherwise) You have to ask specifically for it in the stores and check bag labels.

NITROGEN: Use fishbone meal (earthworms love it). It is also wonderful source of phosphate, calcium, and trace minerals.

TRANSPLANTING: As you transplant, try mixing in a microbe inoculant for minimizing shock and increasing vigor, plus stimulate mycorrhizal development for strong root systems.

SOLUBLE KELP POWDER: An excellent source of trace elements & potassium or K. Spray this kelp to ward off damping off of seedlings, reduce transplant shock, and resist fungal and bacterial diseases in the greenhouse.

These products from AK Sea-Ag make a positive difference in crop health & vigor.

*Shucks, you may have guessed it. Greigs are my local heroes, dedicating their lives to providing products for crop, soil, and human health.