Where to Find Fishbone Fertilizer

Author Ellen Vande Visse

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Fishbone Meal

Through Alaska Sea-Ag
Soil Amendments to Feed the Soil & Soil Food Web
“Feeding the soil to feed the plant.”

Please call/text us with questions. Robert 907-232-2735 Website http://www.alaskasea-ag.com

Fishbone Meal –What is it?

It is the ground up bones from Kodiak fisheries, with a bit of ground-up gut & fish body material as well. It makes an excellent organic fertilizer. Fishbone meal analysis is approximately 6-8-0.5 to 6-10-0.5. But it varies. Percentages depend on which fish it comes from. Fishbone meal contains 10-20% calcium, which soils usually lack.

Bulk Fishbone Meal

Robert Greig is offering Fishbone Meal only by the super sack = 1500 lbs
Robert fills bulk orders during Feb-March. Minimum order 1 super sack, for estimated $950. Call Robert at 907 232-2735. See below for small retail quantities of Alaska Sea- Ag fishbone meal.

Small Retail Quantities

1. Tracy Moffitt, of Quality Topsoil* sells Fishbone Fertilizer in the spring in Palmer. To get an accurate update, call Tracy at ‭907-355-3384‬ ‭or see https://www.facebook.com/farmpalmerak/ in the spring for current details.
The Moffitt farm is located at the end of Marsh Road off the Glenn Highway. Marsh Road is between the City of Palmer and Palmer Fishhook Rd. ‭ Price in 2020 was $30 in your own 5-gallon bucket, or $35 in their new bucket.

2. Arctic Organics sells fishbone meal in packets or bulk at $1.50/lb in the spring. Call 907-746 1087. Located at N. Smith Rd near Palmer off Old Glenn Hwy, or at the Anchorage Farmers Market on Saturdays, along with bedding plants and organic vegetables.